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BBQs 2U – Two Gozney Ovens – Dome and Roccbox – Which One is for You?

by Henry

BBQs 2U is a reliable dealership in Abersoch, UK. Customers depend on their BBQ equipment because it ensures they sell authentic brands sourced directly from the manufacturers.

They have established relationships with trusted brands like Gozney, Masterbuilt, Kamado Joe, Ooni, etc. The BBQs 2U owners guarantee that you will get genuine products.

When it comes to a wood-fired pizza oven for your backyard, undoubtedly, Gozney is the right choice.

Nevertheless, two contenders compete for your attention within their territory – the sleek Gozney Roccbox and the majestic Gozney Dome Bone with Stand.

Choosing between these ovens is like picking between Chevrolet Corvette and Jeep Grand Cherokee – both will get you there, but in vastly different ways. So, let’s understand their differences.

Size Matters

  • The Roccbox is a portable powerhouse weighing only 38 kg (84 lbs). Its compact design (think of a carry-on suitcase) and foldable legs make it the ultimate tailgating, camping, or balcony companion.
  • The Dome is a sturdy giant weighing 128 kg (282 lbs.). It requires a dedicated space (patio, deck, maybe even your backyard kingdom) and commands attention with its permanent stand.

Reflect – Portability [Roccbox] and space [Dome] lie at opposite ends of the field.

Heating Up

Both ovens use gas or wood, offering the versatility of smoky or quick-fired cooking.

  • The Roccbox, due to its smaller size, reaches peak temperatures (900°F) in a lightning-fast 15 minutes.
  • The Dome takes a leisurely 30 minutes but rewards you with superior heat retention, ideal for longer cooks.

Think – Pizzas in 60 seconds with the Roccbox or slow-roasted meats and vegetables in the Dome.

Pizza Party for One or Many

  • The Roccbox cooks 12-inch pizzas beautifully and can handle occasional 16-inch pizzas with some manoeuvring.
  • With its expansive 21.65-inch wide floor, the Dome can be your Neapolitan pizza palace, churning out multiple 12-inchers simultaneously.

Consider – Need to feed a crowd? The Dome is your sizzling friend. Are you cooking for two? The Roccbox will serve!

Beyond Pizza

Both are culinary pros, but –

  • The Dome takes versatility to another level. Its larger space allows for roasting, baking, smoking, and even searing. Imagine juicy steaks, golden focaccia, or perfectly smoked salmon emerging from its depths.
  • The Roccbox can also roast, bake, smoke, and sear but might feel cramped for larger cuts or multiple dishes.

Price Points and Perks

  • As expected, the Dome’s larger size and features come at a premium. It starts at £2,128.00, while the Roccbox rings in at a more budget-friendly £399.
  • Both include accessories like a pizza peel, bottle opener, and stone, but the Dome boasts additional perks like a digital thermometer and a steam injector for professional-level baking.

So, which one is for you?

  • The Dome: If you have the space, budget, and desire for a versatile outdoor culinary experience, the Dome is your dream oven. It is perfect for pizza parties, slow-cooked feasts, and exploring the depths of outdoor cooking.
  • The Roccbox: If you value portability, convenience, and quick, delicious pizzas, the Roccbox is your champ. It is ideal for small spaces, spontaneous gatherings, and to enjoy restaurant-quality pizza on the go.

Follow BBQs 2U on Twitter, where both ovens have passionate communities. You get to read the Tweets and know how others use each oven. It will inspire your own pizza-making adventures!

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